Community Partners

Warrior Transition Battalion: The foundation has provided the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) at Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) with significant funds to benefit seriously wounded warrior members of the battalion and their families. Funds have been provided primarily to benefit seriously wounded warrior members of the battalion and their families. These funds, mostly for acute needs, have addressed a range of efforts that include: recreation, social and family functions, recognition, communication and education, special equipment, computer program development, and member/family rehabilitation. In tangible ways, the benefits have affected all wounded warriors, their families, their care staff and their commands.

Operation Purple Healing Adventures: The Foundation partnered with the National Military Family Association to sponsor the Operation Purple Healing Adventures retreat at the Olympic Park Institute on Lake Crescent. This is a free camp for active duty or medically retired services members who have been wounded while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, as well as their families. These retreats provide recreational opportunities to help strengthen and reconnect families.

Fisher House: The Fisher House Foundation builds “comfort homes” on military and VA medical center grounds to provide family members with a free and comfortable place to stay while their loved ones are hospitalized. The Foundation purchases holiday gift cards for soldiers and their families staying at the MAMC Fisher House to help defray the costs of holidays away from home. The Foundation has also sponsored a room at the Fisher House to defray the costs of upgrading rooms within the house.

  • In memory of Nancy Dickson, a former Madigan Foundation Board Member, family and friends donated to a fund to place educational computer kiosks at MAMC to provide information on breast cancer screening and treatment. 
  • Charlotte M. Kirby designated a generous bequeathal to identify and assist nurses in need. 
  • COL. Janice Mano Lehman Scholarship funds competitive scholarships to encourage career development for promising young nurses. COL. Janice Lehman was a former Chief, Department of Nursing at MAMC.
  • Stuart Perkins Memorial funds the annual Claire Daly-Stafinbil Young Heroes Program which recognizes mentally and physically challenged military children for their courage and perseverance.
  • Sandra Kay Green Memorial Scholarship Program for the Claire Daly-Stafinbil Young Heroes provides scholarships for Young Hero recipients who plan to matriculate to educational institutions beyond high school. Mrs. Green, a long time Social Worker and former Madigan Foundation Board Member, was a champion of the Young Heroes Program.
  • COL. Patrick Kelly, MD Fund assists developmental program efforts of the MAMC Department of Pediatrics